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Medieval War, free strategy game online

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Jeu de guerre
Jeu de guerre
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Inspired by the greatest strategy games such as Age of Empires,
you will be immersed in a medieval fantasy played turn
per turn. Hire workers, train them, construct buildings
for your defense, get started in research, use magic,
assemble your armies and show some strategy and become the
master of them all! This shall be your quest!

Medieval War is 100% free game for all ages.

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A complete game?
Choose between 8 races! Build your city, manage your
people and your units, maintain relations with your
allies, lead your armies at the gates of the enemy
strongholds. Go to the highest rank of the nobility,
win a political rank within your region or become king yourself! All things are possible!
Up to 3 Evolution careers are available.

A game for everyone?
Confirmed players, distinguished strategists, novices, curious,
you all have your place on Medieval War. The Intendant
is here to help you, advise you in your first steps.

Are there events?
Yes! You will have regular opportunities to participate in various activities, both on the game itself than on the
Forum, as for Halloween ... and many more!

Jeu de stratégie
Jeu de guerre
Jeu de stratégie gratuit
Jeu de stratégie multijoueur
Jeu en ligne
Jeu par navigateur
Jeu gratuit
Jeux de stratégie

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